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The beginning of it all

We get on the bus, start pitching our ideas, meet each other, and jump on teams. Time is short, some are already sleep deprived, but excited to start this adventure. We got some awesome swag, snacks, and tools for the weekend… all provided by our awesome sponsors, Elance!

By noon, the teams were formed, however, the concepts still needed a lot of shaping and molding. Given the short amount of time we have to create a business, we needed to focus on having a solid foundation from which to stem all our work. Introducing Elance!

Thanks to Elance, we were able to outsource our logo and icon design, which allowed us to focus on what was needed to map out and fulfill our milestones. Our Elance Designer was Anthony D., and we provided him with samples, palettes, and ideas – he was responsive, great with communication, and understood our vision well. His timing was perfect, and we were able to deliver our first pitch with the images he provided! Thanks Elance!

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