Anticipating Memories.

What is Memzies

Memzies is an app that lets you create a digital time capsule with photos, videos, and more. The fun part: It lets you lock the content so whoever you send it to can’t see it for minutes, hours, or whatever you decide! Sit back and watch as your friends go crazy with anticipation of wanting to know what is inside the memzi!

  • Take a picture, make a video or voice recording, write a note
  • Lock the memory: Set it so it can’t be opened/viewed until the date and time you specify
  • Send it to your friend(s)
  • Watch their anticipation grow as the expectantly wait to unlock your content!

  • Planned surprises: Built anticipation before birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions
  • Let someone know you’re thinking of them. But don’t give it all away and make them think of you as they wait to unlock your content!
  • Plain silliness: Did you catch your friend doing an embarrassing dance while recovering from having their wisdom teeth pulled? (You know you’ve been there too). Hold it over their head for a couple of hours and get a good laugh when it unlocks!


Upload Docs

Use any existing file in your phone, and upload it as a memzi. Got an old and embarrassing video of your friend you want him to relive?

Capture Photos

Put to use your photojournalistic skills to capture on the spot what you’d like to create as a memzi.

Write Entries

Get out your writer’s glasses and compose that poem, joke, or the key to happiness you’ve been meaning to share.

Make Recordings

Recording a voice memo is perfect for a sentimental message, but also for practicing your dashing English accent!

What is Memzies?

Good Question

A Memzie is a piece of digital information that is stored and opened at a later time, similar to a time capsule.

Start making Memzies and turn moments into true memories

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